Spartan Boxers Block Radiation Emitted from Smartphones

 - Nov 15, 2016
References: spartan-underwear & mashable
Spartan boxers address a distinctly 21st century problem. Smartphones emit radiation that could be potentially harmful over long periods of time. Most men keep their smartphones in their front pockets, mere inches way from their groins -- which is one of the areas most susceptible to such radiation. Spartan boxers are crafted to keep radiation out, protecting men's sperm counts.

Though studies have not conclusively determined that smartphone radiation can lead to decreased sperm counts, they do indeed show that the same radiation emitted by smartphones is capable of doing damage to sperm in high enough doses. The fabric that comprises Spartan boxer briefs is over 99 percent effective at blocking several different frequency ranges of radiation, guaranteeing that men's private regions stay safe.