Madrid's Las Mayas Celebration is Captured by Daniel Ochoa de Olza

 - May 22, 2015
References: danielochoadeolza.tumblr &
Daniel Ochoa de Olza's Spanish photography series celebrates Las Mayas, Madrid's ceremonial welcoming of Spring. On the holiday, young girls dress in traditional garb and are asked to sit at at a flower-adorned altar for two hours.

This series captures traditionally dressed subjects and is vividly hued, revealing the opulence of the girls' clothing, traditional headpieces and the floral alters on which they sit on. This traditional celebration of Spring is followed by a trip to a church and a family ceremony that ends the day's festivities.

This Spanish photography series is captivating and raw. Though young, each of its subjects appears wise beyond their years and carries with them a tradition that has been practiced for generations.