Spalwart Shoes are Both Old and New

 - Nov 14, 2011
References: shop.spalwart & spalwart
Just from looking at a pair of Spalwart shoes, it’s hard to distinguish them from your average sneaker. However, this Swedish label may be one of the only ones that can call their shoes both vintage and brand new at the same time.

Setting up shop in an aged shoe factory with old-fashioned machinery and moulds, Spalwart is able to create the same shoes they’ve been making since the fifties. The beauty of these kicks is in their imperfections, which add unique details to the shoes from an era forgotten.

Spalwart shoes are perfect for history buffs, and for those who like to be able to tell a story about their purchases. So if you’re looking for a hip new pair of sneakers that will make all your pals curious, try going old school.