Research Writer Laura McQuarrie Counts Down Her Favorite Space-Themed Products

 - Apr 17, 2015
People have always seemed interested in the last frontier, but these space-themed products are absolutely out of this world. Trend Hunter Research Writer Laura McQuarrie discusses examples of astronaut obsession, from planetary energy bars to galactic cocktail stunts and even stylish spacesuit jackets.

The space-inspired coat from SPACELIFE has Bluetooth audio controls in the sleeves as well as speakers built into the hood. In a skyrocketing idea, premier tequila brand Jose Cuervo launched a margarita into space, which then returned to Earth frozen and shaken (not stirred). If food-related space-themed products appeal to you, there are Russian vending machines that sell cosmonaut fare in toothpaste-like food tubes.On a similar note, Moonbar sells energy bars with cute names, such as 'Ground Control Cranberry.'