The 'Space Suite' Hotel Room was Inspired by NASA & Outer Space Exploration

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: kamehagrandzuerich & hypebeast
Germany artist Michael Najjar created the Space Suite, which is located at the Kameha Grand Zurich Hotel. The room's design was inspired by current events such as NASA's release of moon images, the discovery of flowing water on Mars and the Ridley Scott’s upcoming theatrical release 'The Martian.'

The room is completely decorated to embody everything the society typically associates with space exploration. The ultimate goal for the room was to transform an ordinary suite into a virtual space station. The room includes features such as the hubble space telescope, a rocket engine spotlight and novels, films and images inspired by outer space.

The color scheme is designed to look like the moon's surface with a cement-like texture, which has been speckled with tiny black dots. The Space Suite is as close to another planet as some people may ever get.