Sourgrassbuilt's Birdhouses are Inspired by Famous Architects

 - Dec 29, 2017
References: archdaily
Some of the most famous architects from throughout history cut their teeth designing houses, but they didn't design houses in the same way that home decor company Sourgrassbuilt does. That's because the brand doesn't build houses for people; it builds birdhouses inspired by famous architectural styles and architects.

Sourgrassbuilt, which is headed up by designer Douglas Barnhard, focuses on birdhouses with Mid-Century Modern influences. The homages clear in the designs include big names like Frank Lloyd Wright and Joseph Eichler, and Bauhaus is one of the aesthetics that the brand leans on most when creating birdhouses.

Since Barnhard grew up in California, he's also strongly influenced by the surfer culture in the region. As such, many of the birdhouses include cute miniature surfboards.