The 'Source of Water' Draws in and Sanitizes Liquid from Contaminated Streams

 - Sep 7, 2012
References: yankodesign
The naked eye cannot accurately recognize an adequately sanitary supply of H2O. This is where the 'Source of Water' comes in handy, and particularly for people in developing countries.

No, sadly this contraption does not locate clean reservoirs, but it does something much more useful for folks who have some body of water close to their homes. The system comprises a floatation device, a tall tubular canteen and a filter to gather and refine the dirty water of the river.

The water purifier's outer layer is a porous PVC wall with a stainless steel casing that contains activated carbon particles. A fine filtration membrane is the final barrier for the fluid to cross before it collects in the spacious canister. Wang Can's 'Source of Water' passively accumulates H2O using pressure so that the user can carry on with her other duties.