The 'Sound-Word Guide' is Hilariously Helpful

 - Jun 29, 2012
References: ohhhhhhhhh & huffingtonpost
The 'Sound-Word Guide,' appropriately posted up at, is a guide to Internet speak that goes one step beyond acronyms.

Explaining what the capitalizations, amount of letters and emphasizing means in terms of online exclamations, this site is extremely helpful in making sense of what people are trying to communicate. Though intentionally satirical in its nature, this content could potentially be greatly helpful to those not in the know, and provide some clarity for those who abuse or misuse these points of exclamation. The site is based out of Britain, but many of the jargon used on the site applies far beyond that immediate scope.

Sure to clarify some miscommunications and perhaps inspire some new words, this site is a brilliantly simple and crowd-sourced dictionary.