Sound Tree Speakers Have Been Designed to Celebrate Music

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: elipson & core77
The joy of listening goes hand in hand with the pleasant surprises of surrounding auditory origins, and the Sound Tree Speakers make the experience of hearing all the more enrapturing.

Rather than designing a single or a pair of objects for a sound system, Tal Lancman, Maurizio Galante and Jean-Yves Le Porcher have provided a way for waves to be dispersed throughout the room from the moment they're first emitted.

A trunk composed of vertical cables and housing a powerful driver sub-woofer transmits signals to 6 or 12 red balls attached to the end of each cord. Creeper cables allow the wire boughs and branches to feed the red apple audio accessories to any corner of the room. The Elipson Sound Tree Speakers allow notes to be literally plucked from the air.