This Star Wars Battleship Sound System Projects Whimsical Soothing Tunes

 - Jul 16, 2015
References: mbandf & luxurylaunches
MB&F has created these beautiful limited-edition Star Wars-inspired sound systems that project simple and familiar melodies. This beautiful music box is called the MusicMachine 3.

The whimsical tunes played from the sound system project galactic vibes. The machine itself is built to look just like a Star Wars battleship called the Tie Fighter. The musical box is made from multiple sections that include the lattice-like wings and a central module that contains music-making cylinders.

The spaceship music player is designed to produce six famous "scores of Star Wars, Mission Impossible, James Bond...The Godfather, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and The Persuader." There are 99 musical boxes produced in three colors. There are 33 chrome, 33 black and 33 white. Each system measures about 400 millimeters long, 340 millimeters wide and 280 millimeters high. The 13 pound sound systems projects naturally amplified tunes.