The 'Sortable' Chart Explains How to Make a Hit Summer Film

 - Jul 21, 2012
References: sortable
This 'Sortable' infographic explains the components necessary to make a hit summer movie. According to this chart there was $32.6 billion dollars of box office revenue made last year; Canada and the United States alone accounted for $10.2 billion dollars of return. There were 610 movies released this year that were viewed on 124 thousand screens worldwide. This equates to 1.3 million tickets sold domestically last year.

The movies that generate the most interest and money are animated films, sci-fi films and action-adventure. It appears that cinema goers are okay with seeing familiar story lines as opposed to new and original ones, considering that 46% of the movies watched were sequels. The average budget required for a big blockbuster hit is $146 million.

Don't forget that having a big named director on board never hurts either. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and David Yates are just a few of the hollywood directors that are guaranteed to produce a smash hit.