Sophia Green Photographs Women Who Share Her Name

Photographer Sophie Green has tracked down other women with the same name for her project 'I Am Sophie Green.' Kind of makes you want to shout, "Will the real Sophie Green please stand up?" doesn't it?

The London-based photographer reached out to the other Sophie Green's on social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. After her initial contact with them, Green established an on-going rapport with them via e-mail and phone. While some people were more forth-coming than others, depending on how much they identified with her project, Green notes that the conversations she had were frank and sincere. She notes, "It was almost like sharing a name broke down social barriers and brought an intimacy between us."

Each Sophie Green has a different history, experience and character that makes them unique and distinctive. And yet, there is something intangible, invisible, that unequivocally connects them across these borders.