Sony Odo Twirl N' Take

 - Dec 15, 2007
References: economictimes.indiatimes
If you want to see your world through a green-colored lens, make the environmental upgrade to the eco-friendly Sony Odo Twirl N' Take digital camera.

Instead of being powered by batteries, the 3 mega-pixel Odo gets its juice from your power alone. There's a wheel on top of the camera body that, when spun by the user for 15 seconds, gives the digicam the power it needs to snap a shot.

By no means is it low-tech. It has LED lights that flash to indicate when it's read to take the photo. Reviewing the photos is as simple as mounting the camera on the flowerpot-shaped docking station.

Unfortunately it's still only in its concept stage, but it's sure to be a success once it hits production.