This Sonar Device Keeps Cars at a Safe Distance From Cyclists

 - Oct 24, 2015
References: codaxus & springwise
This sonar device prevents drivers from running over cyclists. From Austin, Texas-based engineering firm Codaxus LLC, the C3FT is an electronic gadget that will warn you when you are getting too close to a bicycle sharing the road. It is specifically designed for the handlebar of police bicycles and is supposed to enforce the 3 foot parameter that has been deemed a safe distance in 26 states. Even though it is illegal in such states to breach this bike buffer zone, few violators are issued tickets due to difficulty in proving the rule was broken. Until now, that is.

The C3FT sonar device provides technological proof of drivers breaking the 3 foot barrier around cyclists. An ultrasonic detector measures distance while a display shows numeric evidence. Buzzers and LED lights go off when a car gets too close to the police offer's ride.