The SomeoneAteThis Tumblr Will Turn Your Stomach

It seems like every day, a new Tumblr parodying something ridiculous on the Internet pops up; today, it's 'SomeoneAteThis,' a blog dedicated to mocking incredibly unappetizing images of food. Thanks to Instagram, there is no shortage of meal photography out there, some of it visually appealing, and some of it more on the "repulsive" end of the spectrum. The blog admins caption each photo with a hilarious description. For example, one entry reads, "This is like what your mom’s new boyfriend cooks for you when you visit his shag carpeted condo for the first time."

If anything, you have to marvel at the stomach of steel some people possess. I mean, really, truly, some people can eat anything, even if it looks like an "autopsy demonstration video" or a "horse miscarriage."

Browsing through this blog is sure to give you mixed feelings. On one hand, you'll be crying of laughter at the hilarious captions; on the other, you'll probably be dry-heaving at the pile of sludge someone tried to pass off as edible.