The SOLO1LIBRO Lamp Provides Light and is Fit to Save Your Page

 - Feb 12, 2013
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There is such charm in the unexpected abilities of dual-purpose objects. Here we have the SOLO1LIBRO Lamp, capable of illuminating your reading nook and even holding onto your novel.

The Alessandra Corsi's creation comprises a narrow aluminum spool with a 15-centimeter diameter and LED lights in the center. Ridges on the outside keep a coiled power cord from falling off. This long orange cable extends to the nearest socket to the fixture's mounting, providing it with electricity. The slack wire that's wound around acts effectively as a sling for the open spine of a book. You can even hang several hardcovers or paperbacks on any loose available cords of the SOLO1LIBRO Lamp, keeping your reading materials open to the pages where you left off.