The SOLO Laundromat Streamlines the Process of Doing One's Washing

 - May 13, 2013
References: yankodesign & newtech-enews
The typical laundry room is a small space with oversized appliances, seldom accommodating activities such as hang-drying, steaming, ironing and folding as well. The SOLO Laundromat is one remarkably sleek setup that facilitates all of these tasks within a fraction of the area.

The washing machine drum embodies little more bulk than the dimensions of the cleaning compartment; it seems that this can also double as a dryer. In favor of cutting-edge eco sanitation, UV technology is used to reduce water consumption.

Extending out from the wall-mounted front loader is an adjoined stainless steel shelf. Beneath this is a coat hanger rail for arranging articles to drip dry or undergo the Shirt-Shower steamer. Chanhee Han's SOLO Laundromat offers the space to press, fold and pile up every item, as well as integrates a compact stain-removing mechanism.