Solar Rapala Fishing Bait is a Brilliant Solution to a High Catch Success Rate

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: designnobis & tuvie
Fishing lures are made with a number of eye-catching features such as color, reflectivity and texture, all so that they will be visible to your scaled prey. The designer of the Solar Rapala Fishing Bait knew that the key to visibility is light, so he embedded LEDs into the body of the fake minnows.

A flexible strip of solar panels lies within the transparent casing of the lure. Hakan G├╝rsu's intention is that you leave the tackle out in the sun to harness energy from the rays in order to power the illuminating element. When you're set to cast your line, press the small button at the eye of the lure and your Solar Rapala Fishing Bait will light up. It will attract all sorts of finned creatures to get hooked on its triple barbs.