These Sock Pendant Lights are Pairless Apparel Repurposed in the Home

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: jaywatsondesign
Socks are pretty much the lowest caste in the closet, so it's surprising to see them used in these Sock Pendant Lights, and perhaps even more surprising to discover how delightful they look. Jay Watson collects old reclaimed garments for this collection, cleaning them and using them as covers for suspended lightbulbs.

The unusual textile lampshades have been applied to the LED light sources with eco-friendly sunflower resin. With the beams shining through the woven threads, you see lovely subtle colors and the the shadows created by the wrinkled material. The socks actually seem to scrunch up like they would around somebody's ankles.

Should you wish to incorporate these pleasantly peculiar Sock Pendant Lights, you can even give the designer your own old socks to be made into the product.