The Social Network Decision Tree Will Help You Pick the Right Site

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: columnfivemedia & openforum
Since the drop of Google+, Internet users are a little torn as to the place the site has in their lives. But never fear, the Social Network Decision Tree will ensure web nerds make the right choices when it comes to their networking habits. Created by Internet tycoon Guy Kawasaki, founder of AllTop, the infographic is a fun and easy way to decide if the new network suits your interests.

Kawasaki is on board with team Google+, determining that it's "a great way to interact with a range of people from pundits to photographers." He also goes so far as to say that people on Google+ are much more interactive than Facebook or Twitter and outlines all of the important questions an Internet user should ask before signing up for either network.

Implications - As the Internet continues to expand, the variety of social networking sites available to users is rapidly increasing. This can be overwhelming for the less active users who need to make choices about the right websites for their interests.