These Social Media Stats are Revealing

 - Nov 30, 2012
References: mofo &
The consistent growth of online interaction has led to users spending more and more time on their favorite sites, which is what this social media stats infographic characterizes.

In the social media world, Facebook reigns supreme with users spending an average of 6.75 hours each month on it with Tumblr coming in second with a much lower 1.5 hours monthly. Pinterest comes in closely at 3rd place with 1.5 hours and Twitter users spending about 21 minutes monthly. LinkedIn users are averaging 17 minutes a month on the business-savvy site and Google+ users are only online for 3 minutes per month.

Other social media trends that get averaged out are Netflix use with 10 hours a month and YouTube with about 3. The social media stats infographic also includes personal info on when users are online most (hint: at work).