The Soapbox Racers Photo Series is Exceptionally Creative and Amusing

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: alanpowdrill & featureshoot
The Soapbox Racers is a photo series, captured by the noted British photographer Alan Powdrill, that focuses on capturing the personalities and unique eccentricities of individual competitors of the Soapbox Races. The event, which was held in London earlier this year, comprised over a hundred homemade cars competing in a wacky and wild downhill race.

These photos feature racers depicted on backdrops sthat match their specific themes for added context and amusement.

Ultimately, the Soapbox Racers photo series is both revealing and humorous. The stiff poses and redesigned backdrops give this photo series a distinct sense of theatricality, with each substance seeming to play an intentional role in offsetting the seriousness of things a little bit and making things a little irreverent.