Snorlax Snoring Slippers are Ideal for Midnight 'Pokemon Go' Playthroughs

 - Mar 14, 2017
References: thinkgeek & incrediblethings
As millennials come of age demand for nostalgic novelty items like these Snorlax snoring slippers will only grow. The folks over at ThinkGeek, masters of monetizing nostalgia, are behind this quirky creation. For those who don't know, Snorlax is a Pokemon famous for being incredibly sleepy. In order to stay true to the source material, ThinkGeek designed these Snorlax slippers to snore every time the wearer takes a step.

The promotional video for the Snorlax snoring slippers doesn't make it clear how loud they actually are, but we doubt they'd be so loud as to wake others up. If anything they'd just make people you're "snoring" throughout the house. ThinkGeek is selling the Snorlax snoring slippers for $29.99 a pop, claiming that one size fits all. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping due to a "Pokemon Go" addiction then these might be the shoes for you.