The Game Snakes and Ladders Turns Into Chutes and Ladders of Love

 - Nov 26, 2012
References: mobistealth
With this Snakes and Ladders type infographic, you can make better decisions regarding your relationship choices.

Created by WHO, this infographic is called Chutes and Ladders of Love. It is modeled after the popular board game and applied to the many steps relationships take on their way to life-long commitment.

There are more chutes than there are ladders, which immediately teaches us that even after a lot of hard work to build up a relationship one false move can set you back. For instance, you might take the first four steps and become friends, jump on the ladder up to being exclusive, begin to get intimate and then hit barriers like "insecurity-unplanned pregnancy-STIs" and fall all the way down the chute back to the beginning again.

Using the Snakes and Ladders model, Chutes and Ladders of Love is clever way of thinking about relationship dynamics.