This Prank Sees How People React to Being Chased by a Snake

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: youtube & youtube
This snake chase prank gives people a good scare before they realize they are not being chased by a real snake. I know I would probably start running as fast as I could if someone told me that I was being chased by snake so I do not blame anyone for their reactions.

The funny video features two individuals attaching a fake snake on what seems to be a long string to their purses or backpacks so that they follow them while they run to give the allusion that they are chasing them. It is hilarious to see people squirm and run in fear.

YouTube user Sam Pepper loves to do these funny and bizarre pranks. He keeps composed throughout the video and he is the one who tells the individuals that the snake is following them. What would you do if a snake was following you?