The SMRT Mouth Sends Alerts When the Wearer is Dehydrated

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: smrtmouth & gizmag
SMRT Mouth is a new protective mouth guard, developed by a startup based in Virginia, that is capable of measuring the wearer's hydration levels. The contraption is designed for use by athletes, as it can measure athletes' hydration levels before wirelessly alerting coaches if hydration levels are very low.

In addition to protecting the teeth like regular mouth guards, the SMRT Mouth is equipped with sensors that measure the user's saliva to detect their hydration levels. If the hydration readings are low, a Bluetooth module is sent to an app on the coach's mobile device.

Dehydration isn't just a matter of temporary discomfort. Not only does it impact performance, but it can also cause serious illness and even death. The SMRT Mouth ensures that athletes can focus on their game without their health being compromised, thanks to the ability of their coaches to monitor their hydration levels.