- Mar 17, 2007
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These new cigarettes are smoke free! Well NicStic® are the invention of the first smoke-free cigarettes that avoid the toxic substances generated during conventional smoking (tar, carcinogenic compounds such as hydrazine, chrysene, arsenic, cadmium, benzapyrene, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, etc.) and provid the smoker only with the desired nicotine and flavours.

The design is special shape of a cigarette, the reusable tube of the NicStic® and the exchangeable filter-mouthpiece based on the choice of flavour.

"As a result NicStic® will be the first and only product that:
* will be understood as a clean stimulant by non-smokers and people who quit smoking and that can be consumed without risk and to enjoy the familiar at the same time.
* will be a product exempt from non-smoking regulations and smoking bans, since it is absolutely smoke-free and will not bother anybody. Therefore, NicStic® is the solution for tobacco smokers in the unpleasant situations of longer airplane flights, meetings or staying in public buildings or restaurants.
* the tobacco smoker barely needs to change his physical or psychological behaviour and receives a clean dose of stimulating nicotine."