This Smaug Replica is Made Entirely from Christmas Cookies

 - Dec 29, 2014
References: & foodiggity
If you want to step outside of the traditional gingerbread house and create something out of this world, take a page out of Caroline Erikkson's book with this Smaug replica made entirely from carved gingerbread. The edible cookie dragon looks identical to the one featured in The Hobbit films.

Smaug is the infamous villain from The Hobbit that hoards treasures and gold. Erikkson completely rebuilt the popular mythical dragon using bits of gingerbread carved into realistic-looking scales, teeth and dragon wings. Every detail from Smaug's pointed tongue to his massive wings is incredibly crafted and put together. This edible Smaug replica is perfect for sci-fi fans looking to embed their love for The Hobbit into their holiday desserts.