Rachio's Wireless Flow Meter Stops Leaks in Under a Minute

 - May 15, 2019
References: rachio
Rachio's Wireless Flow Meter is a smart sprinkler accessory that tracks water usage while helping to stop unwanted leaks in under a minute. The device is app-connected for maximum convenience and is designed specifically for outdoor use, making it ideal for homeowners with a backyard and those living in hot regions.

Giving users an accurate run-down of usage, the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter "detects leaks with highly-accurate Vortex technology and instantly alerts at the first sign of trouble. If a high-flow leak is identified, Rachio removes the affected zone from queue, continuing the rest of the watering schedule as usual."

This intuitive smart sprinkler accessory works to eliminate unwanted yard damage, save users money in potential repair fees and ultimately promotes fair water use by reducing waste.