The Smart Si Thermostat is WiFi Enabled and iDevice-Friendly

 - May 26, 2012
References: ecobee & ecofriend
Homeowners living in hot climates are going to want to pay special attention to the Smart Si Thermostat. Developed by Ecobee, the Smart Si Thermostat is easily the techiest thermostat of all time. On the surface, the Smart Si looks normal. It's white, mounts to your wall and has a color LCD screen. Inside the thermostat is where things get technical, with Ecobee's new creation running an embedded version of Linux.

The Smart Si Thermostat is powered by a 400mhz ARM9 processor with 256MB of ROM and RAM. The software is updated seamlessly via the device's built-in WiFi module. If you want to cool down or heat up your home while you're out, Ecobee has developed an app that lets you control the Smart Si from your iDevice. The company estimates that homes equipped with their thermostats save an average of 26 percent annually on energy costs.