This Smart Pants Gadget Tells Its Wearer When to Go to the Washroom

The latest totally unique invention to come out of Japan is the 'DFree,' a helpful smart pants gadget that tells its wearer when they should start looking for a toilet.

DFree clips onto the wearer's pants or underwear, essentially creating a pair of smart pants that monitor their owner's internal activity using ultrasound technology. The smart pants device alerts the wearer when a washroom will soon be necessary, giving them ample time to locate the essentials and get down to business.

Triple W, the company behind the DFree, says that its smart pants gadget will be extremely beneficial to elderly people who don't want to wear diapers. Two out of every five people in Japan will be aged over 65 by the year 2060, making elder care a rapidly growing national market. A model is also in development for parents of toddlers in potty training.