Smart Cups Helps Ensure Everyone's Drinks are Safe at Parties

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: indiegogo & geekologie
In the latest efforts to ensure partygoers safety, Smart Cups is an invention that can detect when one's drink has been spiked with drugs. As the picture demonstrates, the cocktail cup visually warns the person by changing from a clear cup to one that has stripes on it.

Drink Savvy is the manufacturers behind this ingenuous material that is able to detect the three most commonly used date rape drugs -- GHB, ketamine and rohypnol. When considering that about a million people get drugged and sexually assaulted every year, this technology could help prevent many dangerous situations. The company is attempting to raise $50,000 through website Indiegogo so that it can begin to manufacture and extend its line of related products.

With so much potential in ensuring the well-being of partygoers, the Smart Cups are a product worth supporting.