Whirlpool Smart Appliances will Now Feature Amazon Alexa Connectivity

Aiming to make the experience more versatile and efficient for the average consumer, Whirlpool smart appliances will now feature connectivity to Amazon Alexa. The new feature will be available on all of Whirlpool's latest appliances for 2017 to do a number of different tasks like change the temperature on the oven or even control the washing machine.

Voice control has quickly become a mainstay functionality for many consumers with Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri assistants being implemented into a number of products and devices. As such, the implementation of Amazon Alexa functionality into Whirlpool smart appliances comes as a logical next step to help make the smart home even easier to control. What's better, it will enable a more hands-off approach to household chores that will come as a welcome perk for homeowners.