The Visit Romania Ads are Thoughtful

These visit Romania ad campaigns support talented citizens.

Did you know that a Romanian was the first to discover insulin, a drug that saves 180 million lives every single day? Or that Nadia Comaneci, born in Romania, now resident of the United States, got the first full 10 in the history of gymnastics? It’s the kind of information shown on these minimal-fun prints made by Graffiti BBDO Romania in partnership with several influential Romanian media trusts.

Seen that the Romanian Government will not afford a wide campaign for the countries image anytime soon, the citizens took the problem into their own hands and started a simple and smart campaign called Visit Romania to spread the word about their values. The prints are available for download on a dedicated site so that every Romanian who lives abroad can print and stick them in every corner of the world. That’s what I call `power to the people!`