Katriina Nuutinen's 'Lyyli Box Series' Uses Blown Glass and Jewels

Katriina Nuutinen is a highly capable designer specializing in glass and ceramics, now offering a collection of small storage containers called the 'Lyyli Box Series.' Her designs feature mouth-blown glass and curious-looking jewels that make each piece truly one of a kind.

Katriina has described her creations as "something unusual, valuable and worth caring for," a description also pertaining to her previous series such as the 'Oma Lamp,' 'Aava Shelf' and 'Vitriini Showcase.' Fusing modern style with a personal twist, the small storage containers have an individuality that is both decorative and fun.

The Lyyli Box Series comes in three different sizes, varying in both color and shape. Katriina's small storage containers make a stylish addition to any room and the delicate glass is ideal for storing food items, bath salts, jewelry and more.