An SLR Flash Drive is the Ideal Device for Storing and Sharing Photos

 - Jan 9, 2015
References: photojojo &
If you keep separate backups for different types of data, you'll find this SLR flash drive to be quite useful. Manufactured to look like a miniature replica of a digital camera, it's a logical place to store your image files.

It's gotten to the point where USB sticks can be made so small that they're actually easy to lose. While remaining portable, pocketable and perfect for putting on a keychain, Photojojo's Camera USB Drive is simple to locate by sight and feel, and even fun to display on your person.

To use this SLR flash drive, you'll find that the lens detaches as it does from a real camera. Essentially, the body of the tiny imitation electronic device acts as a cap for the plug component.