The Slit Bike Rack Is a Perfect Addtion to Minimalist Homes

 - Sep 26, 2013
The Slit Bike Rack includes the same features as most other hanging racks available, but allows users to fold the device inward to provide a given area with more space to work with.

The mechanism is unfolded to accommodate your bicycle, but when closed, allows for a discreet flat space with the outer wall itself. The Slit also comes with a felt strap that is used to secure the front wheel of your bicycle when mounting it. When your bicycle is mounted, it lays securely on a felt overlay which guarantees your bike will be both secure and left unscratched.

The Slit bike rack designed by Mikili is available online via the Mikili website, and is ideal for bike owners that are tight on storage space or would prefer a much neater option for hanging their bikes.