Slipstream by FreelandBuck is Sinuously Graphic

 - Aug 17, 2012
References: freelandbuck & contemporist
Slipstream by FreelandBuck is a striking art installation that centers around the dynamics of flow. Inspired by the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, the design studio writes, "Beginning in the 1990s, architects have used digital software to imbue structures and spaces with some of the same qualities as Da Vinci’s meticulous drawings: fluidity, undulation, instability and temporality." Nevertheless, bringing this to the real world in the form of physical objects has been a challenge. With their sculpture, FreelandBuck endeavors to translate a two dimensional digital line drawing into a three dimensional space. Slipstream by FreelandBuck also alludes to Lebbeus Woods' Slipstreaming drawings of flow.

Currently on display at the Bridge Gallery in New York City, Slipstream by FreelandBuck takes on a graphic shape that is at one sinuous and rigid.