The 'SleepScore' App Uses Sonar to Track Sleeping Habits

 - Jun 15, 2018
References: sleepscore & cnet
By utilizing a smartphone's speakers the 'SleepScore' app allows users to potentially diagnose a host of sleep problems without the need for any uncomfortable or obtrusive wearables. Much like the SleepScore Max bedside gadget, the app sends out inaudible sound waves that measure bodily movement overnight. These movements allow the app to take note of sleep duration as well as the time it takes a user to fall asleep. The SleepScore app can reportedly measure respiration and recognize REM periods, according to Colin Lawlor, SleepScore Lab's CEO.

The SleepScore app is currently being offered for free for seven days. The full subscription to continue the service will run for $4 a month and will allow users to keep a complete sleep history and will even format the records to be sent to a doctor.