The SlatePro is Perfect for Keeping All Your Tech Neat and Tidy

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: iskelter & kickstarter
The SlatePro desk is a dream for just about anybody who owns multiple types of technological devices and is sick of the mess of cables and wires that comes with them.

SlatePro's design has been carefully thought out to include pre-made slots and holsters for phones, tablets and keyboards, plus a built-in mousepad and a ventilated surface area that helps to keep laptops from overheating. The bamboo table is covered with a sleek acrylic surface, which looks especially beautiful since it is optimized to keep the table top cable-free. While the right side of the table is equipped with plenty of spots to hold your tech, the left side also has a great peg-like system to keep mail and other paper documents organized neatly.

The SlatePro desk has exceeded its initial crowdfunding goals on Kickstarter and the gorgeous table will be featured at MacWorld in San Francisco at the end of the month.