This Cracked Wall Decal Creatively Brings the Sky is Shining Through

 - May 27, 2014
References: fancy & fancy
These sky decals are a fun way to trick your guests into thinking your roof just caved in or that someone punched a huge hole in your wall. Each decal deceivingly looks like there is a huge crack in your room's ceiling.

This clever clear wall decal creatively makes it look the surface you stuck it to suffered a sizable crack. In the midst of the assumed crack, the beautiful blue sky came shining on through. The decal is printed on clear PVC paper so that the crack graphics transfer seamlessly onto your wall surface. Inside the cracks is a hyper-realistic image of a cloudy blue sky. This sky decal makes it look as though a piece of your roof or wall recently crumbled to the ground leaving you with a tiny peephole to the sky.