Skinovers by Sylvia B.

 - Jan 3, 2008
Sylvia B. has combined high-fashion with what can only be described as "skin-atrocities" to make top-quality gloves to be worn by the brave. Her Skinovers gloves are made from the finest leather and her collection features designs such as:

"Warts and All" gloves with moles and hair growing out of them
"Mutant" gloves featuring extra thumbs
"Wounded" gloves featuring bandages plastered on them
"Almost Perfect" gloves adorned by plastic surgery suture marks running along their length

If you've never been to her website, it's worth heading over there to check out her entire collection of gruesome gloves.

The "Mutant" photo is courtesy of Happy Famous Artists.

The "Warts and All" photo is courtesy of Cool Hunting.