This Invention Protects Skateboarding Shoes From Scraping the Concrete

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: caplex
Skateboarding shoes can take a hard beating from all the scraping, scuffing and sliding they do on the concrete. At the same time, it is often skateboarders who take the most pride in their sneakers in the first place. This invention offers a solution to this problem by protecting the shoes from being scuffed while skating.

The "protection kit" is essentially a plastic shoe covering that uses Velcro to tighten and stay firmly on the foot. As the outside of the foot is usually what is pressed onto the board to vertically tilt it, the covering has the most material on its outside. While this invention would certainly prolong the life of stylish skateboarding shoes, it would also cover up the designs of the same kicks that skaters want to show off.