This Compilation Merges Skateboarding and Gymnastics

 - Dec 13, 2012
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Kids, do not try these skateboard tricks at home. One comment on this YouTube video poses the question: "how many times did you face plant making this?" Given the intense nature of these skateboard tricks, this is a totally reasonable question.

The video itself shows skateboarder William Spencer at an indoor skate park doing a variety of tricks using not only ramps and bars but other skateboards, caution tape and empty plastic buckets as well. This compilation of skateboard tricks isn’t your regular skate around. Spencer is able to take elements of parkour, gymnastics and skateboarding and mold them into one very dynamic set of tricks.

For instance, in one sequence Spencer rides up a ramp, jumps off his skateboard onto another skateboard, which is resting in between two buckets. He lands on the second skateboard, pulls it out from under the bucket and lands on the ground all in one motion.