Skate Pass the New PE Class?

 - Jan 9, 2008
References: skatepass & asrtalkingheads
A Physical Education class sure to get the attention of children, skateboarding in school - the skateboard today, is not frowned upon as it was in my years (which saw its invention), but is being positively embraced and promoted in schools across the U.S. and the globe, on its way to becoming the 'new P.E.', for the new generations. With elitist competitive sports, such as football, athletics, basketball, and soccer, taking up much of the physical education curriculum, skateboarding is providing an attractive alternative for an individual and non-competitive physical activity.

Based in Colorado U.S., Skate Pass is out to introduce skateboarding into schools across the world, offering it as a realistic and trendy alternative; and develop and express new skills not normally associated with physical education and sports, namely, individual creativity, cooperation, and friendship.

"It was awesome! The kids enjoyed it so much," says Richard Cendali, an American P.E. Teacher Of The Year. "The Skate Pass curriculum is safer and easier than in-line [skating]. I had kids who couldn't stand on in-line skates riding and progressing on the skateboard."

To support the health and well-being of students, Skate Pass, which was developed in conjunction with leaders in the pyhsical education industry offers 3 different skateboarding programs (P.E., Enrichment, & Inservice). The programs meet all National activity guidelines, standards, and school safety requirements. They will supply, on request, all the required skateboards and safety equipment, along with their fully qualified instructors to meet even the largest class sizes of modern schools.

A great idea for getting children to perform some kind of physical activity...But I was a little concerned to note from the Skate Pass website that the US Army had placed an order in for the Skate Pass Program.