The SIXSIXSEVEN 2012 Collection Advertorial Features Luxe Wools

The SIXSIXSEVEN 2012 collection campaign showcases the latest styles from the unique Duesseldorf, Germany-based label. Presenting an abundance of rich knits that include alpaca, merino and lambswool, this fair trade fashion line features an ad campaign that includes some fluffy animal co-stars.

Posing with a group of alpacas, models sport heavy knitted sweaters, relaxed layers and other country-chic styles. From fisherman-inspired coats to flowing skirts, this multifunctional collection shines a spotlight on versatile and wearable pieces. Showcased in a palette of warm, earthy tones, this naturalistic campaign highlights styles as beautiful as their lush landscape backdrops.

A revival of a timeless sportswear aesthetic, this bold brand reinvents its previously casual image, trading in cotton tees for quality crafted wools. Exuding an undeniable sense of quality and craftsmanship, the SIXSIXSEVEN 2012 collection campaign makes coziness chic.