The Sitting Is Killing You Infographic Avoids the Chair

 - Sep 1, 2012
References: howtogeek
For many individuals who currently hold a desk job, the Sitting Is Killing You infographic is an important read. During work days, individuals will spend hours on end sitting at a computer monitor or over large amounts of paper work. All this sitting can and does have detrimental affects on your health and well-being.

Accordingly, it has become more and more apparent that sitting can decrease lifespan and have negative affects on health. On average, humans are spending at least 9.3 hours sitting—this is more time than is spent sleeping. This graphic contains eye-opening and terrifying tidbits of information including the fact that sitting six or more hours a day will increase death by 40 percent.

Sitting wrecks bodies by causing obesity, shutting of muscles ability to work and worsening the condition of hearts. The Sitting Is Killing You infographic suggests that individuals leave the habit of sitting dormant at work. Once the work day is done, individuals should get their bodies moving either through stretching, walk or cardiovascular exercises. Although sitting may be relaxing it can also cause considerable damage. It is up to individuals to be proactive and stop the enticing clutches of the couch.