Karen Ryan Reflects on Consumerism at London Design Week 2011

 - Sep 25, 2011
References: flickr & manzardcafe.blog.hu
Karen Ryan's main inspiration and raw material as a designer and as an artist has always been chairs, and she reinterpreted the same subject in a unique way for 2011 London Design Week in the Sit Chair Project 2011.

In essence, the Sit Chair Project 2011 is a street art installation, with a corresponding photo series. 'Sit Chair'-branded recycled chairs were displayed all over London, inviting people to simply sit on them. The resting moments were captured by designer Karen Ryan with her mobile phone.

The artist, however, has a specific message to send with this street stunt and photo exhibition. She invites us to reflect on mass consumerism, which dictates and creates desire for non-functional and unnecessary objects. As Ryan puts it, "We are used to looking at design as objects of desire fed by what is fashionable and our own delusions of need. I want to divert that gaze and alter the sense."

The Sit Chair Project 2011 will be on the streets of London until Sept. 27, 2011.