The Singles Korea Chic Mono Photoshoot is Commanding

 - Feb 16, 2013
The Singles Korea Chic Mono editorial was executed on behalf of photographer Jung Ji Eun. Eun zeroed in on model Lee Hyun Yi who proved to be the perfect subject for the minimalist tri-colored production.

While few tones were displayed in Chic Mono, opting only for pure reds, blacks and whites, it was nonetheless vibrant and markedly commanding. Yi towered before the backdrop as she sported ensembles chosen by Eun who doubled as the photoshoot's stylist.

This militaristic notion was solidified by not only Yi's aggressive stances, but also by blazers that showcased the word "stop." Paired with the piece were wide brimmed pants, chunky jewelry, tight leather dresses and open back gowns. Concern for a coy demeanor was nowhere to be found.