The Silent Power PC is Cooled by a Clump of Copper Filaments

 - Jul 31, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Silent Power PC is the first high-end personal computer that ditches the noise electric fan cooling system in favor for a passive cooling alternative. Instead of a fan, the computer's processing unit uses an exposed, open-air metal foam heatsink that holds a ton of copper filaments. Air circulation through this copper filament foam is so effective at getting rid of heat that its exterior surface temperature never rises beyond 50 degrees Centigrade.

As a result, the Silent Power PC's heat dissipation is claimed to be 500 times greater than that of conventional systems.

Aside from its unique cooling system, the Silent Power PC is a pretty conventional computer. It runs on an Intel quad-core 2.2 GHz processor, either 8 or 16 GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GTX 760 graphics card and the usual USB, WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI, DVI and audio ports.